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Drug Addiction Rehab in Rye

According to the American Society of Addiction Medicine, “addiction is a primary, chronic disease of brain reward, motivation, memory and related circuitry. Dysfunction in these circuits leads to characteristic biological, psychological, social and spiritual manifestations. This is reflected in an individual pathologically pursuing reward and/or relief by substance use and other behaviors.” Ultimately, what this means is that someone with an addiction disorder is driven to pursue an activity, regardless of the negative outcomes. Drug addiction rehab is often the only way to combat addiction. Drug Addiction Rehab Centers Rye can provide you or your loved one with the help they need to combat this devastating disease.


Substance Dependence is Both Mental and Physical?

Addiction can be physical and mental. What begins as a physical addiction can also quickly develop into a mental dependence. The body develops a tolerance for the drug as the chemical makeup of the brain begins to change over time. This requires users to use more and more of the drug in order to achieve the same effects. Chemicals once produced naturally in the brain are depleted and the body begins to rely on the chemicals produced by the drug. Those who have become physically dependent may also experience withdrawal symptoms when the substance is no longer being consumed. Withdrawal symptoms can include headaches, anxiety, depression, nausea, sweating, vomiting and irritability, among others. Many prescription drugs, particularly those designed for pain relief, also cause physical addiction, as does alcohol.

Addiction can also be mental. When an addict fails to engage in their habitual behaviors, they might feel uneasy or unable to experience pleasure or excitement. This is a type of emotional dependence that leads to compulsive behaviors.


Addiction Rates in New York

In New York, 11.1 percent of adolescents use an illicit drug each month. That means that in every classroom, there are probably at least 2 students with a history of drug use. That does not include other addictive behaviors. Given the high rates of drug addiction, it is critical to understand all the potential problems facing today’s youth and the solutions available.


Treatment Options

Addiction treatment centers can offer a variety of different therapies designed to help addicts break the habit. For those with a physical dependence, inpatient treatment is often the best way to start, though it can also be an important part of recovery for those with certain compulsive behaviors.

These three methods are the ones most commonly used to help addicts reach recovery:

  • In patient treatment for drug rehabilitation starts with a detox period where the patient is carefully weaned off their physical dependence on a chemical substance and monitored by medical professionals.
  • After completing an inpatient program, many patients will transition to an outpatient program. This usually includes long-term therapy, in both a group and one-on-one setting.
  • Behavioral Therapy – This treatment type can begin at any point, and it is geared toward changing ingrained behaviors. Essentially, the goal is to retrain the brain away from negative behaviors that give an instant reward.

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