Powdered Alcohol Banned in New York

Although powdered alcohol is not available on the market yet, it has already been banned temporarily or outright in 25 states, and New York became the latest. Powdered alcohol, marketed as “Palcohol,” isn’t a new concept; it has been around for decades. However, it received approval for labels earlier this year by the Treasury Department’s Alcohol and Tax Tobacco Bureau.

When you or a loved one needs help with a drinking problem, stopping without professional help is difficult. Pain and distress from alcohol withdrawal will happen. Powdered alcohol, in addition to alcohol in its liquid form, can cause severe damage if abused. If you are suffering from a drinking problem, call drug rehab centers Rye today.

Alcohol Withdrawal

Tolerance and physical dependence develops with long-term alcohol use. Alcohol withdrawal occurs when a person tries to abruptly stop drinking alcohol after drinking heavily for prolonged periods. A decrease could also cause these same symptoms. The central nervous system becomes dependent upon the psychoactive ingredient in alcohol, called ethanol, to function. The brain reacts when the ethanol it has become accustomed to assist in its processes is no longer there. Withdrawal symptoms can be painful, distressing and even fatal if not controlled.

Causes of Withdrawal

As a person drinks alcohol, chemical changes happen to the person’s brain. Once the brain receptors are seriously affected by heavy drinking, they stop functioning. Over the long term, these receptors haven’t functioned for awhile. Withdrawal symptoms occur when alcohol is stopped after long term use because there no brain receptors working properly and no alcohol as a substitute. Also, when certain chemicals increase during alcohol withdrawal, it creates a condition called excito-neurotoxicity, which increases the severity of withdrawal symptoms. Toxin build-up in the brain, leading to seizures and tremors, the most serious and fatal known as delirium tremens (also called the DTs).

Withdrawal Syndrome

The level of withdrawal is affected by factors such as length and level of drinking and any past alcohol withdrawals.

Symptoms appear as soon as two hours after the last alcoholic drink for some drinkers, so it’s vital to have medical detox and rehab pre-arranged. When signs appear, it’s time to be admitted in a treatment facility for care. A medically supervised detox is needed immediately after the first symptoms appear. It’s a good idea to have this scheduled beforehand.

Don’t let powdered alcohol ruin your life. Call drug treatment centers Rye today or attend an Alcoholics Anonymous meeting (http://www.simeetings.com/LA/NY/RyeMtgs.html).

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